Collaborative Mediation gives separating or divorcing individuals the opportunity to talk openly and honestly with an impartial professional.

The Mediator allows the people involved to design a settlement for themselves, to the benefit of all involved. The goal of collaborative mediation is to provide both individuals with an alternative to the adversarial approach of litigation, and an opportunity to reach an agreement which will benefit all the involved parties. Each person provides input into the process, rather than have a judge make decisions for them.

Since family mediation is voluntary, it is recommended that both individuals are committed to this process. This approach typically increases communication, enhances cooperation, and reduces tension. Resolutions attained through mediation have proven to have more sustainability over a longer period of time, which makes sense because settlements are reached voluntarily.

Edit was trained as a Family Mediator through Conrad Grebel, University of Waterloo and is a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario.

Edit is pleased to offer mediation as it relates to parenting plans, support and property issues, custody, access and complex issues. Edit is able to handle cases from the most basic to those with high conflict. Edit approaches mediation by looking at issues and exploring each person’s options with the best interest of the children in mind.