Cost and Time Frame

Fees are a set at an hourly rate which is discussed and agreed upon prior to beginning of the process.  At the outset of the mediation process, both parties sign aretainer contract.  The mediator’s cost is one fee shared by both parties instead of having two separate legal fees.

The time required for mediation depends on the effectiveness of communication between the two individuals and how complicated the separation is.  Most individuals who choose mediation already have a degree of cooperation and readiness for this process.  An average mediation can come to an understanding within 6-10 sessions, with sessions typically being 2-3 hours in length.

Other professional advice and input are available when needed.  This may include parenting coordinators, child specialists, co-mediators, financial specialists such as accountants, pension evaluators, accountants and realtors. Experts are retained jointly at a shared cost, to work in a balanced and reasonable way for both individuals.